Automagic: The Mother of all Paths

Automagic is a pre-existing term, but I am hijacking it. I am defining it as a way to make workflows easier. It could be through simple machines, robots,  scripting/apps, or even by other humans. Accessibility is definitely contained in Automagic, but it doesn’t end there. Automagic can be applied to schools,  government,  businesses,  research and pretty much anywhere. 

Automationeers are those that practice the philosophy.  In the medical world, I would consider Occupational Therapists,  Physiotherapists, Dieticians and Social Workers as Automationeers. A patient can have many interesting workflow issues that medication can not solve like getting out of bed, putting on clothes, travelling and many more.  The Automationeer looks at these workflow issues as challenges  and finds solutions like bed rails, chair lifts, and so on.  Again, this is also part of accessibility but Automagic applies to any workflow medical and beyond.

Some may label this as hacks, but a workflow change has the potential to give someone their independence. Such a powerful impact should have a loftier word representing it.  Automagic is that word.