We Need More Automagic Love

Judgement  makes people feel like crap.  There is no understanding of use case or workflows or even empathy and no chance for improvement. Sun doesn’t shine anymore. It just plains sucks.

Automagic Love is the opposite.  Automagic Love makes you feel valued. Kids skip to school because because their teachers understand them. For us grownups, work is awka awesome.  Automagic Love puts a smile on your face. 


In my world, I see the Love …

  • Going to the hospital for a loved ones surgery and tracking in real time the amount of hours before the surgery is done #automagicLove
  • Going online to get my blood test without having to pay #automagicLove
  • Educational system that understands my child’s learning style #automagicLove   


To change something from sucky to awesome is not hard.  We just need to be patient and observe.